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Create custom socks for your brand, business, sports team or wedding. The Sox Factory offers short lead times, design assistance, excellent product quality and local flair to each sock.

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Build your own sock

At the Sox Factory we like to keep things simple. We have an easy 3-step process to get your socks to you in no time. This is one of our core values to promote quick and efficient service to all our clients.


Minimum order quantity of only 50 pairs. 

Sock Style

Choose between anklet, crew, crew ribbed, and knee-high. 

Size split

Divide your order into sizes. UK-Sizing: Small 12-3, Medium 4-7, Large 8-12 & X-Large 13+


Choose your colours, patterns and create something unique. 


Provide Sox Factory with a custom branded label.

Quick Lead Times

Quick lead times, 1-2 weeks for your order to be fulfilled from approval.


Designed and manufactured in South Africa


At Sox Factory we are passionate about delivering quality products, exceptional service to our clients and proud to produce socks locally in South Africa at international quality and standards. Our clientele ranges from local companies to international clients in Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Namibia, Mauritius, Andorra, America and the United Kingdom. 

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Answers to Your Questions


Do you make custom socks?

Yes, that is our core business here at The Sox Factory. Get in touch with one of our guys and we’ll make it happen. Please click here for more info on how to get your custom socks done and how the process works.


What sizes can I choose from?

UK Sizing: Small 12-3, Medium 4-7, Large 8-12 & X-Large 13+. Your order can be split into different sizes.


What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimum quantity from 50 pairs to thousands of socks.


How long does it take to create a custom sock?

Depending on the quantity, socks can be delivered as quickly as 2 -3 weeks from order confirmation depending on order specifications. Too long? No problem let us know and we’ll make it happen!


People Say

Wow, what a service! We weren’t expecting our socks so soon. Your turnaround is impressive, ups to you and team!


The team at Sox are exceptionally dedicated to detail. The products are designed to outlast the standard life span of any sock and are the best performance sock you will ever buy.

Manus de waal

Let's make magic

You’ve seen the basic details and process on our website. Get in touch with us for customized quotations and design ideas.

Clients we've worked with

The Sox Factory has worked with many local South African brands and expanded our client base in 2020 to international waters. We started out in the United Kingdom and have also created custom socks for major Swiss, Belgium and Swedish brands.


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