The Process

At the Sox Factory we like to keep things simple. We have an easy process to get your socks to you in no time. This is one of our core values to promote quick and efficient service to all our clients.

1. Choose Style

Choose your sock length, sizes and type of sock.

Sock Lengths

Sox Factory has three types of sock lengths. Each sock length can be used for various sport types, but we recommend the following:

Anklet (running and everyday use),

Crew (everyday use; running and mountain biking) and

Knee-high (rugby, equestrian; motorbike and trail running)

Sock Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes between small (12-3 UK), medium (4-7 UK), large (8-11 UK), extra-large (12 UK+). You can choose any size splits within the minimum order quantity.

Weight & Texture

Depending on the occasion you would like to use the socks for we have 3 options available. Padded heel and toe for sports with high friction movement like running, cycling, equestrian, etc. Premium light is a casual sock used for lifestyle and promotional purposes. Ribbed socks have more of a texture to the sock and are also a lifestyle type sock.

2. Design

Got an idea? Please share it with us, send a drawing; picture or description with relevant logos and logo placing, the more detail the better.

No idea? No problem, a little guidance will assist our design team, but otherwise just send us your logos and copy, along with outfits and colours it needs to match. We will send you the designs in a mockup form for approval before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Pre-production approval

Great news! Your sample has been made. We will send you an image/short video of the sock on your requested line of communication. Here you will see how your design is translated onto the sock and how the end product will look like.

Our socks are made of the highest quality and go through rigorous testing, this is one thing less to worry about, you just have to focus on the look, we’ll focus on the performance.

Once you’ve approved the sample, we go into the nitty-gritty:
• Sizing: choose between size, small, medium, large or extra-large
• Choose your packaging options
• Provide us with invoice details
• Pay the deposit

4. Production

Let’s rock n roll. Machines are being set up to your specifications. No changes can be made once production has begun. We’re in production and you can expect to receive your order within only 2 – 3 weeks!

5. Label & Send

Your order is now being labelled, packaged and ready to send!


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