If you’re looking to impress clients with a unique business card, look no further. Custom socks and packaging is your next best investment in your business. 

Why custom socks as a business card?

  1. Impressed clients

Believe us when we say, your client will be so impressed with their new socks. It’s an item that won’t end up in the dustbin but rather worn by your client everywhere they go. You can capture their attention with bold designs. 

  1. Brand Exposure 

Your branded socks will be on the feet of your clients at meetings, braais, golf days, cycling events or gym. People will take a look at your socks and the brand will be embedded. 

  1. It’s Fun! 

Marketing today is at a whole new level. You have to think outside the box and really grab your customer’s attention with something out of the ordinary. At The Sox Factory, the design possibilities are endless. You can create socks with fun patterns, gradients, logos, and colours.