This October, The Sox Factory joins the battle against breast cancer alongside the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and SICAD SA. Their creative initiative introduces pink masking tape, symbolising hope, support, and solidarity while raising crucial funds for breast cancer awareness and treatment.

The Sox Factory wholeheartedly champions this cause and has integrated the pink masking tape into our Custom Sock manufacturing process. This ensures that every sock we create carries the essence of this meaningful campaign. It’s our way of standing with those affected by cancer and spreading awareness about early detection and prevention.

So Much More Than Just Tape – The pink masking tape isn’t your average adhesive. It embodies hope while delivering practicality. With each sale of Pink Masking Tape (Eurocel), a portion of the proceeds supports CANSA, strengthening the fight against breast cancer. Versatile and dependable, this single-sided tape offers high tack and good adhesion, suitable for various applications. Each roll of tape serves as a reminder that even the smallest support can ignite profound change.

By incorporating this masking tape into your business or using it personally, you’re not just benefiting from its functionality but also supporting a noble cause. Choose the pink masking tape from SICAD SA and stand with us in supporting CANSA’s vital mission. Let’s come together, raise awareness, and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer, one roll at a time.