In light of Worker’s Day this coming weekend, The Sox Factory would like to thank each employee from knitting to the boardroom table for their hard work to make this local factory a success.

At The Sox Factory, we speak many languages, but when we speak about socks we speak as one. Our company is a proudly South African company supporting over 30 families all employed at our factory in Pretoria, Gauteng.

We have learned to have a great sense of humour and work around elements like; 2-hour load shedding, toyi-toyis, parliament, phuza Thursdays and many more; influencing our day-to-day work and the outcome of each sock.

All socks go through an individual process and are handpicked by our staff to be moulded and perfected into this amazing product you see today.

Thank you for supporting local and remember actual people are doing a happy dance when you create custom socks.